People are the most important aspect of any business, your business is only as good as the people you employ. It is important to foster a culture that is inspired and motivated. This dramatically reduces poor performance and negative conflict in the workplace.

Human Resource Management

Your business is only as good as the people you have working within it.  They are your most important resource so it is important to foster a culture that inspires and motivates so that you can achieve the results that you require. HR Management is different for every business. WP can assist you to meet your obligations by implementing systems and processes that are:

  • Clear and easy to implement
  • Scalable to keep working as your business grows

Performance Development

Perhaps the most critical yet overlooked aspect of HR Management is Performance Development.  WP can assist you to implement sound processes to provide clarity, focus and active plans for all of your staff including (but certainly not limited to);

  • Organisational Charts
  • Job Description documentation for all levels of your business
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Performance Evaluation Procedures & Documentation
  • Training

Industrial Relations Compliance

The world of industrial relations is ever changing.

WP can assist organisations to keep up current and compliant in all areas of industrial relations including;

Awards & Agreements

Interpreting Awards can cause a lot of stress and uncertainty. WP can provide organisations with the support that they need to ensure compliance.


WP can support organisations in HR related payroll matters including;

  • Award Compliance
  • Tax
  • Superannuation
  • HECS
  • Overtime & penalty rates

People Management

Building an effective workforce is critical to the success of any business.  WP can assist you to manage your team as they strive to achieve business goals.  We can do this by:

  • Implementing processes to assist you to effectively performance manage staff
  • Assisting to create a workforce that is motivated and inspired
  • Creating a positive culture to assist in the reduction of poor performance and conflict in the workplace